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Breakaway (2011)

Breakaway (2011)
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Quality : HD
Director : Rob Lieberman,
Writer : Noel S Baker, Jeff Schechter, Matty Simmons, Ajay Virmani,
Producer :
Country:Canada, India
Runtime:101 min.

 Production Company:Hari Om Entertainment


A hockey enthusiast since 12 years of age, Toronto-based Rajvinder Singh, even went to the extent of trimming his hair, discarding his Pagri/turban, did not complete his education, incurred the wrath of his father, Darvesh, who wanted him to be involved in the family business as well as confirm and respect Sikh religion principles and values. Hoping to play professional hockey, Rajvinder, along with other fellow Sikh players, instead finds himself treated as the object of ridicule, referred to as a 'joker', by mainstream Caucasian players. Even his friends tease him and ask him to take up 'Guli Danda' and Kabaddi', while his father makes him work for Uncle Sammy as a truck driver. He is attracted to stunning law student Melissa Winters while her brother, Dan, offers to coach Rajvinder and his team. Unable to get themselves included in any team, they form their own...
Vinay Virmani
Russell Peters
Camilla Belle
Anupam Kher
Rob Lowe
Gurpreet Ghuggi
Sakina Jaffrey
Noureen DeWulf
Akshay Kumar
Al Mukaddam
Sandeep Chowta
Steve Danyluk
Susan Shipton
Akshay Kumar
Paul Gross
Vinay Virmani