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The Blue Lamp (1950)

The Blue Lamp (1950)
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Title:The Blue Lamp
Director : Basil Dearden,
Writer : Jan Read, Ted Willis,
Producer : Michael Balcon,
Country:United Kingdom
Runtime:84 min.
Genre:Crime, Drama

 Production Company:J. Arthur Rank Organisation, Ealing Studios


P.C. George Dixon (Warner) is a long-serving traditional copper who is due to retire shortly. He takes a new recruit under his aegis and introduces him to the easy-going night beat. Dixon is a classic ordinary hero but also anachronistic, unprepared and unable to answer the violence of the 1950s.
Jack Warner
Jimmy Hanley
Dirk Bogarde
Robert Flemyng
Bernard Lee
Peggy Evans
Patric Doonan
Bruce Seton
Meredith Edwards
Frederick Piper
Dora Bryan
Tessie O'Shea
Clive Morton
Gladys Henson
T. E. B. Clarke
Gordon Dines
Peter Tanner
Jim Morahan
Anthony Mendleson
Chic Waterson
Lionel Banes
Ernest Irving
Arthur Bradburn
Ernest Taylor
Harry Frampton