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Obsession (1949)

Obsession (1949)
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Director : Edward Dmytryk,
Writer :
Producer : Nat A. Bronstein,
Country:United Kingdom
Runtime:96 min.
Genre:Thriller, Crime

 Production Company:Independent Sovereign Films


In London, psychiatrist Clive Riordan suspects that his cool and polished wife, Storm, is having yet another affair. Abandoning his weekly card game, Clive returns home to find Storm with her latest lover, American Bill Kronin. To Storm's horror, Clive overpowers Bruce and takes him away at gunpoint, then hides him in a secret location and taunts Storm with Bruce's condition. Scotland Yard gets involved when Storm contacts them about her missing dog.
Robert Newton
Phil Brown
Sally Gray
Naunton Wayne
James Harcourt
Betty Cooper
Michael Balfour
Ronald Adam
Roddy Hughes
Allan Jeayes
Olga Lindo
Russell Waters
Lyonel Watts
Sam Kydd
Stanley Baker
C.M. Pennington-Richards
Ernest Clark
Alec Coppel
Alec Coppel
Nino Rota
C.M. Pennington-Richards
Lito Carruthers
Duncan Sutherland
Betty Baugh
Stuart Freeborn
Kenneth Horne
George Mills
Kenneth Horne
Ken Adam
Jack Locke
Gordon K. McCallum
Winston Ryder
Robert Day
Louis Levy
Barbara Cole
Alec Coppel
Phil Brown