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A Cry in the Dark (1988)

A Cry in the Dark (1988)
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Title:A Cry in the Dark
Director : Fred Schepisi,
Writer :
Producer : Verity Lambert,
Country:Australia, United States of America
Runtime:120 min.

 Production Company:Golan-Globus Productions, Cinema Verity, Warner Bros. Pictures, Cannon Group


Based on the true story of Lindy Chamberlain: During a camping trip to Ayers Rock in outback Australia, she claims she witnessed a dingo taking her baby daughter, Azaria, from the family tent. Azaria's body is never found. After investigations and two public inquests, she is charged with murder. The case attracts a lot of attention, turning it into a media sideshow.
Meryl Streep
Sam Neill
Dale Reeves
David Hoflin
Jason Reason
Michael Wetter
Kane Barton
Trent Roberts
Jane Coker
Rae-Leigh Henson
Nicolette Minster
Debra Lawrance
John Howard
Pat Thomson
John Bryson
Robert Caswell
Fred Schepisi
Yoram Globus
Menahem Golan
Jill Bilcock
Rhonda Schepisi
Wendy Dickson
George Liddle
Dale Duguid
Brian Edmonds
Bruce Finlayson
Ian Baker