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Peechha Karro (1986)

Peechha Karro (1986)
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Title:Peechha Karro
Director : Pankaj Parashar,
Writer : Rajesh Majumdar,
Producer : Surinder Singh, Mohd Ibrahim Khan,
Runtime:125 min.
Genre:Comedy, Thriller

 Production Company:Rajj Productions


Giri Haridhara (Satish Shah) and Hari Giridhara (Ravi Baswani ) are two bumbling detectives, who believe that Brigadier (Amjad Khan) is leaking defense secrets to enemy countries. Vijay (Farooque Shaikh) is in love with Brigadier’s daughter Roma. Vijay is the son of Kandha Raam (Rajendranath) who is a mortician. Vijay disguises himself as his father and goes to meet Amjad Khan to fix his alliance with Roma. Giri Haridhara and Hari Giridhara come to know of this secret and use this as a weapon to blackmail him to spy on the Brigadier. What ensues is complete hilarity.
Satish Shah
Ravi Baswani
Farooq Shaikh
Amjad Khan
Anupam Kher
Roma Manik