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Waxwork (1988)

Waxwork (1988)
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Quality : HD
Director : Anthony Hickox,
Writer : Anthony Hickox,
Producer : Staffan Ahrenberg, Eyal Rimmon,
Country:United States of America
Runtime:95 min.
Genre:Horror, Comedy

 Production Company:Palla, Vestron Pictures, Contemporary Films, HB Filmrullen


Wealthy slacker college student Mark, his new girlfriend Sarah, and their friends are invited to a special showing at a mysterious wax museum which displays 18 of the most evil men of all time. After his ex-girlfriend and another friend disappear, Mark becomes suspicous. What he doesn't know is that they have been made a part of the exhibit, by first living out the scene and then being murdered in.
Zach Galligan
Deborah Foreman
Michelle Johnson
David Warner
Dana Ashbrook
John Rhys-Davies
Clare Carey
Jennifer Bassey
Joe Baker
Eric Brown
Buckley Norris
Micah Grant
Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros
Miles O'Keeffe
Christopher Bradley
Julian Forbes
Patrick Macnee
J. Kenneth Campbell
Jack David Walker
Nelson Welch
James D.R. Hickox
Irene Olga López
Charles McCaughan
Edward Ashley
Anthony Hickox
Staffan Ahrenberg
Tom MacGreevey
Gabriella Dufwa
Dan Ireland
William J. Quigley
Mario Sotela
Roger Bellon
Gerry Lively
Christopher Cibelli