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The Bounty (1984)

The Bounty (1984)
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Title:The Bounty
Director : Roger Donaldson,
Writer :
Producer : Bernard Williams,
Country:United States of America, United Kingdom
Runtime:132 min.
Genre:Action, Drama, History

 Production Company:Dino De Laurentiis Company


The familiar story of Lieutenant Bligh, whose cruelty leads to a mutiny on his ship. This version follows both the efforts of Fletcher Christian to get his men beyond the reach of British retribution, and the epic voyage of Lieutenant Bligh to get his loyalists safely to East Timor in a tiny lifeboat.
Mel Gibson
Anthony Hopkins
Laurence Olivier
Edward Fox
Daniel Day-Lewis
Bernard Hill
Phil Davis
Liam Neeson
Wi Kuki Kaa
Tevaite Vernette
Philip Martin Brown
Simon Chandler
Malcolm Terris
Simon Adams
John Sessions
Andrew Wilde
Neil Morrissey
Richard Graham
Dexter Fletcher
Pete Lee-Wilson
Jon Gadsby
Brendan Conroy
Barry Dransfield
Steve Fletcher
Jack May
Mary Kauila
Sharon Bower
Robert Bolt
Dino De Laurentiis
Tony Lawson
Debbie McWilliams
John Graysmark
Tony Reading
Louise Carrigan
Robert Cartwright
John Bloomfield
Paul Engelen
Jeanette Freeman
Victor Magnotta
Arthur Ibbetson
Richard Hough