Biograpy of Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong

Also Known as

1. Anthony Wong Chau-Sang
2. Wong Chau-Sang
3. Huang Qiusheng
4. Anthony Perry
5. Qiusheng Huang
6. 黄秋生
7. 황추생
8. Wong Chau Sang
9. Wong Show Shan
10. Anthony Wong
11. Antony Wong
12. Chau Sang Anthony Wong
13. Chau-Sang Wong
14. Chau-Sun Wong
15. Chow-Sun Wong
16. Chui San Wong
Name:Anthony Wong
Place Of Birth:Hong Kong


With nearly 200 screen credits to his name, Anthony Wong Chau-sang (born Anthony Perry on September 2, 1961) is one of the most versatile and prolific actors in world Cinema. Most known for his award-winning roles portraying deranged psychopaths in Hong Kong cult classics like THE UNTOLD STORY, EBOLA SYNDROME, FULL CONTACT and John Woo's HARD BOILED.